Fake rice

Since one daughter has an intolerance to rice, I've tried to find a substitute. She really liked rice, even more than potatoes. I've tried quinoa (keen-wah) and amaranth, which a lot of people turn to. Quinoa is OK -- it's much different than rice and certainly doesn't look like it. But, my daughter liked one recipe I tried (I'll post "broccoli circles" later). Amaranth is much different than either rice or quinoa. It's very sticky and small. Maybe good for a hot cereal mix but not mock rice. After much trying, I've found my answer: white sorghum. Yep. Maybe you've heard of sorghum flour. This is the grain. I found the grain in a local asian grocery. A 2 lb. bag cost just $2. It looks like a round rice, which is what I called it in front of my kids. The sorghum I bought is "white sorghum," so it's even colored like rice. You soak the sorghum overnight. Then, cook it like you would regular rice. I make mine with homemade chicken broth, sea salt and chopped onion. The kids love it. They renamed it "big rice," because it puffs up a little bit in cooking. I think you still have to watch your kids for intolerances. Sorghum can cause reactions similar to corn. I'm still monitoring my one daughter for such a reaction -- rash. You can also look for this in your local health store or CO-OP. I've also found it sold online through flour mills in the midwest, where sorghum is grown everywhere.


jim said…
My daughter definitely breaks out with a mild rash after eating this for two days. I believe it's because sorghum is similar to corn and neither of my kids can handle corn. Maybe when they're older.

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