Gee, Ghee!

Ever hear of ghee? What about clarified butter? Well, that's what ghee is. It's essentially butter without the dairy. It's very popular in Indian cooking and can be found at an Indian grocer. I also find it at my local food co-op.

I think ghee is best used to saute. It holds up well in the pan, unlike other fake margarines. It smells great, too. And, it's gluten-free, dairy-free (casein-free), hormone free, non-hydrogenated, free of transfatty acids and salt free. So, for us folks on strict diets due to allergies and other medical resaons, this stuff really fills a cooking void.

The only downside to ghee is that it really isn't a spread. It's actually very hard. And, I don't think it has much taste. My kids don't have much alternative, so I melt some ghee and brush it on a roll or bread for them.

I buy Purity Farms brand ghee for about $10.


jim said…
I know this is sold in Indian groceries and I buy mine at a food co-op. However, I recently saw ghee sold in large containers at a Middle-Eastern grocery at affordable prices. My only concern with imported brands is whether they're truly free of all dairy. I don't know enough to trust it.
joelg said…
You can use Ghee as a spread when you store it properly. You are not supposed to store it in the fridge.

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