Got milk?

People with dairy allergies or on a casein-free diet, like many autistic children, can't drink milk. But there are alternatives.

Many people drink soy milk (like WestSoy or Silk) or almond milk (Almond Breeze). You can easily find these, even at regular supermarkets. If not, try Whole Foods or a food co-op (find a local one here).

However, soy and nuts also are common allergens, meaning many food allergy sufferers cannot turn to these options. Don't worry, there are other alternatives.

-- A good one is rice milk and Imagine Foods' drinks are common on store shelves. WestSoy also makes a rice milk. People intolerant of gluten should know that Imagine Foods' Rice Dream is made using a process that exposes it to gluten. Some people do not react to this, while others say they do.

-- Another option is Darifree, by Vance's Foods. This is potato-based -- no soy, no rice, no gluten. It's harder to find and comes in a powder. You can order it at the company's website. My younger daughter cannot have rice, so I have used Darifree in recipes.


jim said…
Now, look for Hemp milk in your local stores. And, in Great Britain, they sell quinoa milk. Not in the US, yet.
Anonymous said…
It appears that Rice Dream is now gluten-free. The special diet section of the website states that the Rice Dream non-dairy drinks contain no gluten.
Heckyeah said…
Rice Dream has NOT changed their recipe. They have just started printing their boxes with "gluten free" on them. They don't use gluten ingredients, but the process includes gluten. Some react to it, some don't. There are no regulations on the definition of gluten free so they can print whatever they want on their box. I say, stay away. :)
Anonymous said…
Pat said…
I recently found a milk that may be tolerated by many lactose/casein sensitive people. After going GF/CF with my son, he was really missing milk. This milk, while manufactured in OH (not sure if they sell anywhere else), is low-heat pasteurized and not homogenized, and therefore it doesn't destroy a lot of the lactase enzymes needed to digest it. It is called Hartzler's. Here is the website page that explains it:

Hope this helps someone!:)
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Anonymous said…
coconut milk and garlic makes the best fettachini alfrado sauces for pasta or sauce for pizza. I love using coconut milk for everything but there is also flax milk which is amazing!

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