Fridge pickles

This is my kosher dill pickle recipe, called Fridge Pickles.

  • I grow my own pickles -- very easy. You can do the full recipe or cut it in half or down to a quarter. And, you can find pickling cukes in the grocery too. I'm sure you can even use regular cucumbers, just cut into spears or slices. Anyway ...

    77 oz. water
    38 oz distilled vinegar
    8 oz pickling salt (1/2 lb.)
    74 oz cucumbers (~4.5 lbs.)
    handfull of fresh dill heads (I grow, but can be bought)
    peeled garlic cloves
    whole peppercorns

    Put water, vinegar and salt into a large pot and boil.
    Remove from heat and pour into glass (mason) jars overnight to cool. (Wash the jars first)
    Next day, scrub the cukes and remove the blossom ends by making a thin slice.
    Either keep cukes whole, or cut into spears or slice crosswise.
    Pull out the jars you wish to use -- not the jars with the brine.
    Add some dill to the jars, a few garlic cloves and about 1 tsp peppercorns.
    Add cukes and cover with cold brine.
    Keep in fridge for 3 days before eating.

    These will keep nicely for months. I've had mine in there for 3-4 months with no problem. Just keep lids on tight. There's no need to process these in a canning pot. The vinegar solution preserves the cucumbers. If you can them, the cukes get soggy. So, I do it this way in mid-summer and have cucumbers through Thanksgiving. Then, I try to buy some more in the fall at the store, and make another batch to get through to spring.

    You can adjust the flavor of this by adding more/less garlic, mustard seed, celery seed, hot pepper, onion, etc. By the way, the photo is from the Seeds of Change website -- a good supplier of organic seeds.

    They are fun to grow if you have space. They grow like a vine. So, dig a 8-10' row, put two 6' stakes on either end, and tie netting to the stakes to make a "fence." The cukes will vine up the fence. Pick regularly to keep the vines producing.

    Good luck!


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