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Potato Chip Chicken

This is a favorite in our home and a special treat we make every so often.

The recipe, of course, is just what it sounds like -- potato chips and chicken, together.

What you need, then, is some chips, and some chicken. Essentially, you just crush the chips, dip the chicken and cook!

4 oz. Lays potato chips (gf), crushed (2 small bags)
1 chicken breast
Canola oil
Heinz ketchup (optional)
1 Egg or egg sub
Sea salt

Cut chicken into nugget pieces. Heat pan with oil (this could be baked also). Mix 1 tsp oil into chicken pieces along with sea salt and paprika. Dip pieces into egg/egg sub and then roll in crushed chips to coat. Cook or bake until done.

One variation on this is to skip the oil and egg coating, and stir in ketchup instead, then coat with chips. The kids love this too.