Wings -- (not the band)

What a treat these are to make and enjoy with your kids. I buy a 2 lb. bag of wings every so often from a local farmer. That's when we splurge and have wings and fries night. If you do this, make the fries first (the chicken seasoning "dirties" the oil and will coat the fries).

So, wash the wings. I cut them into sections and remove the tips.

In a bowl, I mix chickpea flour, sea salt, paprika and a bit of cayenne pepper to add some punch.

I heat canola oil in a large pan. When hot, I coat the wings with the flour/seasoning mix. I don't use eggs to coat the wings because my kids can't eat eggs. If yours can, maybe try it to get a better coating. Then put into the pan and fry. Turn to brown all sides. Drain after cooked. Serve with fries and ketchup.


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