GFCF Recipes

GFCF Recipes


Farmer's breakfast

I don't have a photo of this but may add one later. This is a great weekend treat and a chance for the whole family to eat together. Some of this depends on whether you can eat eggs or not. If you can't, just delete it. Make the rest. It'll still be great.

2 eggs per person
2 sausage links per person (pork or turkey is fine -- check out Wellshire Farms products for some excellent allergy-free, nitrate-free options, or if you wish, buy from a local farmer)
AND/OR 2 strips bacon (same options here has with sausage, and check out Applegate Farms products for another option)
Pancakes -- see recipe here
Pure maple syrup, honey, Smuckers jam or agave syrup, etc.
Mellon, oranges, bananas, etc.

Enjoy your family!

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