Gluten free beer

Yeah, you read right. Since I don't drink (anymore), this really hadn't crossed my mind. Then I saw an article on gluten-free beer and got interested. The bottom line is you can find gluten-free beer and other alcohol. And, they're making more of it. Here's a few examples of what's out there:

Redbridge beer is made from sorghum by Anheuser Bush.

Bard's Tale Beer was developed by the Celiac community and still is overseen by a board comprised of Celiac folks. Also made from sorghum.

Lakefront Brewery makes a gluten-free beer from sorghum and rice.

Find out more about gluten-free beers by visiting the Gluten Free Beer Festival site.

Even other alcohols traditionally made from grains can be gluten-free, such as vodka. There are many vodkas made from potatoes. One such brand from Maine is Cold River Vodka.

Wines, of course, are primarily made from grapes. Some are better for those of us trying to avoid pesticides and stay as organic as possible. LaRocca Vineyards in northern California, for example, makes wine from organic grapes and does not use chemical additives including sulfites. Bravo!

For more info, visit a few other sites, like the Gluten Free Kitchen's page on alcohol or's list.


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