Burger King wins the gluten-free test

So, I plan to post my results for finding restaurants that really can provide -- safely -- gluten and casein free food, and even soy free. Consider this an interim report as I've found something surprising on the fast-food front. I checked Wendy's, McDonalds, Burger King and Arby's to see if I could buy a burger (no bun) and fries for my kids at any of them. I'd always heard that you couldn't. Well, you can. Burger King specifically fries its fries in a dedicated fryer -- or the restaurants are supposed to. However, the chain has a policy and it's detailed on its website - find it by going here and clicking on 'Allergens'. The allergen listing online even shows potential cross contamination risks. I spoke with the company's nutrition guru. They are organized. Still, she -- and I -- recommend calling the store manager to make sure they really are doing this. She also told me a plain burger is OK on the gfcf diet -- they're cooked on a broiler. So is the grilled chicken, plain. They have Mott's applesauce and soon, will sell apple slices shaped like fries. I visited my local BK last night to test this out. I spoke with the manager. He clearly knew the policy and said his restaurant followed that setup. I visited his restaurant and indeed they were. I bought some fries for the kids.

None of the others are suitable. McDonalds fries have gluten. We all know that story. Wendy's has dairy in its fries. Arby's meat is OK but not the fries. I'll post my complete restaurant findings next week.


Nancy said…
I knew McDonalds fries had dairy, but now I find out they have wheat, too!

according to Wendy's site, the fries are only potentially cross contaminated, but do not contain gluten or wheat. though I am sensitive to soy, and after eating the fries the other day, I think they use soy oil to fry stuff in.
Believe it or not, I've had really good luck at Chick-Fil-A. I've ordered the grilled chicken with no bun. And, they cook their fries in a dedicated fryer. Just thought you'd want to know.
jim said…
Yeah, McDonalds fries have both wheat and milk. Wendy's fries do not, BUT the restaurant clearly says they cook the fries in the same containers as products that contain wheat, milk and egg. They are cross contaminated. So, your reaction likely is to that, not so much the soy oil (unless you're extremely allergic). I am looking into Chick-Fil-A, but haven't been there yet.

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