Coming -- a GFCF restaurant guide

Sorry for not posting much this week. I've been busy at home with some personal things. I had a recipe failure -- a pumpkin recipe really flopped. But, I'm in the process of doing something very exciting that will benefit many of you. I've been discouraged trying to find a restaurant that I could take my kids to eat -- just a burger and fries. I know it's not the healthiest nutrionally and some may object to that. But, I think it will be very healthy mentally. They've not been to a restaurant and most places, just like the supermarket, don't make it easy. So, I've set out to research all of the restaurants in our area just like I researched food products a couple of years ago. I called, wrote and badgered every company that makes the foods my kids eat to determine exactly what's in them. I made them back up their ingredients. I'm doing the same thing with the restaurants. And, I have some surprising results. So, what I plan to do in the next week is post a listing of all the restaurants and tell people whether they provide detailed allergen/gluten info online, if they provide a phone contact for nutrition info, and what food items they say are OK for BOTH gluten and casein. I'm also asking about soy. There are a few lists online that you'll easily find but they don't really include a lot of places. I'll provide links to those lists also.

I'll provide the basic results from my searching. You'll need to do the rest. And, I'll mention now, that I think it would be an excellent idea to double-check with your local restaurant as to how they handle the foods. I think they all do it differently. It appears to me that some are more mindful than others and may actually train employees. I personally will not take my kids anywhere until I've spoken with the local manager and walk away satisfied that they really know what they're doing. At the least, the list will help guide you in the right directions and give you quick links to helpful info. I hope you too can enjoy a night out with your family. Look for the list sometime after the weekend, maybe on Monday.


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