A handy store-bought soup broth -- free of everything

As you know by now, I like to point out products I come across that help make our lives easier and healthier. It's so difficult finding food that you trust is free of the allergens and ingredients that we, and our kids, are intolerant to. I found Kitchen Basics broths one day at our regular supermarket as I looked for a soup for my kids. Couldn't find one in the organic section that I really trusted was free of MSG, gluten and dairy. (Amazing, isn't it?) So, I glanced without much hope at the soups in the regular soup aisle. And there it was. Clearly marked on the box -- no MSG, no glutens, no dairy, no soy. Wow! I bought it.

I generally make my own broth at home and freeze it for later use. But, it's good to know I can grab this at the local store when I'm in a rush.


I've used that broth many times, and it is very good. I also use Pacific brand, but I don't remember if it has any soy.
Denise said…
I am so happy to have found your blog! I have one kiddo with PDD and another who can't do gluten, and just when I'd gotten fairly good at GFCF, we learned that our youngest is allergic to eggs, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, and dairy.

I can't tell you how many FLOPS I've had trying to do GFCF without eggs.

Your recipes have been a huge hit around here. I made Taco Pie the other day and ALL FOUR KIDS loved it! That *never* happens! My husband and I thought it was great, too; I could have sworn it had cheese in it.

I've made maybe 10 of your recipes, and the highlight was yesterday, when I made Lindsay's Bread. My kids went wild for it! I used to make Tom's, but they like yours much better because it's so much moister.

I originally came here when someone told me about your fast foods findings, and it's nice to know that we can go to BK once in awhile. We can't do Chick-fil-A because they cook in peanut oil.

So, thank you again! I can't wait to try recipes. Right now, I'm off to make more bread...I don't dare run out!

jim said…
Thanks Denise. When we started out with two PDD kids and a zillion food intolerances, there was a lot of info out there for gluten-free, a few places with GFCF stuff, but hardly anything really good for those of us dealing with a lot of food issues. So, I thought this blog would help out as I found things that worked in our home. Glad you like the bread. That really came about because none of us can handle the chickpea in Tom's Bread -- although it's a really good recipe. So, I modified it. And, I use the flax eggs in almost everything -- one because the kids can't have them and two, because they're very healthy. Thanks for taking a minute to write. It's nice to know sometimes that this stuff helps others.

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