Marking it gluten free - finally

Happy New Year everyone! I learned some cool things about everyday foods over the holiday. I've just been in awe of how major companies -- who are driven to find any market edge possible -- have not latched onto the "gluten free" thing yet.

Anyway, I see Tyson chicken is now labeled CLEARLY on the front as being free of antibiotics and hormones and additives. And, it was only priced 20 cents-per-pound more than the store brand. Very cool.
And, our Honeysuckle turkey also had a big "Gluten Free" label slapped right on the front for all to see. So, I bought that simply because of their effort.
I just don't understand why more companies are not taking advantage of this market by making the simplest of efforts -- noting what's gluten-free and what's not. My suspicion is that they don't want to start down the path of revealing what's in their foods.


Beth said…
It seems every time I go to the store I'm finding new products to use on this diet. Hopefully this will only increase! I've link you on my blog, BTW. Your generosity has helped me greatly as we embark on the GFCF diet with our son. Blessings to you!
jim said…
Hi Beth -- my wife and I greatly benefitted from the help of others when first starting out. There were so many questions about products and recipes and ingredients, etc. It's only appropriate that I share what I can. If you ever have questions, feel free to email. It's likely that either I or my wife can help.
-- jim

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