Stop the presses! You can treat autism through diet!

Yeah, there's a little sarcasm there. You may have seen this item from the Feingold organization circulating across webland. If not, save these links, print out the article and post it on the fridge. Yippee.

A doctor from Children's Hospital in Boston wrote an article for the American Academy of Pediatrics' AAP Grand Rounds publication on the impact that food additives have on people with ADHD. Those of us dealing with the spectrum know how additives, colorings and preservatives really can screw your day up.

So, here's the links for you to enjoy.

-- the actual AAP article is at this link:

-- a previous study on this issue published in Lancet, in the UK, is at this link:

-- the Feingold write-up on this is at this link:

-- Feingold's "Behavior, Learning and Health" publication is at this link:

I'm not a strict follower of Feingold but we certainly share many of its beliefs.


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