A restaurant success

I have to update you on our first real restaurant outing. It's taken a long time to get enough courage to try this, but we went to a local Red Robin. See my restaurant guide about how to find a GFCF place. Anyway, it went remarkably well. The restaurant did very well. They didn't give a confused look when I asked to see a gluten-free menu. They immediately handed the kids crayons and a coloring sheet to keep them busy. They got their own water cups with kid-friendly designs on them -- even lids to help avoid "the spill." We just got plain burgers and fries with ketchup for them and they loved it. When we first sat down and the waiter arrived, my oldest turned to him and said, "Hey, where are my fries?" It was funny and he took well. He also paid close attention while ordering from the gluten-free menu. We definitely will return.

Please, I'm not posting this to preach. I realize not everyone with autism can handle this type of outing. I'm simply posting this because it was a big step for us. I also wanted to point out that some businesses -- even at a national level -- seem to have found ways to include those of us concerned about GFCF, food intolerances and cross-contact issues. It can be done.


Tenille said…
That's great! I've only been to a Red Robin once, while on vacation, but I remember thinking how it would be a great place to take my kids, since it was one of those places that is louder than they are. ;) Glad to know it passed the GFCF inspection!
GFCF Mommy said…
I am glad you are doing this. We have started trying go out a bit too.

We had a good trip to Pizza Fusion, a new organic chain that has GFCF pizza. I saw that they have a restaurant in Pittsburgh, but I don't know where you live in PA, but if you are close you could check them out.

I am sure each restaurant is different but we found them here in S FL to be very ASD kid-friendly. Only problem was the cost, which was actually pretty high, but to us it was worth it to just go out as a family, which as you know can be a really rare treat.

Tori said…
Hi! I just found your site and think it's great! Keep up the good work! :) --Tori

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