GF/CF/SF Rice Cheese

OK -- so I've had a few comment about the kind of rice cheese I'm using. This is gluten free, casein free and soy free. I understand it might be tricky finding this stuff, but I assure you it exists. To prove it, I'm including a photo of the packaging. It clearly states gf, cf and sf. And, the ingredients indicate the same.

I buy this at a local Whole Foods and also at a local food co-op. I notice two things about this particular item that might help you find it.

First, it's not the brick of cheese, it's just the slices.

Second, this packaging also has a lot of Spanish on it. I've seen other sliced Galaxy cheeses that contain either soy or casein. This one is different.

I hope that helps and I hope you can find it.


Jill said…
After I read your last post, I told my son about the cheese and he was excited. He hasn't had "cheese" of any kind in over seven years. I went to Whole Foods right away (after looking it up on-line) and they had never heard of it. I asked them to order it and they gave me a hard time saying that they have "people" that order stuff and I can't just request something, which is rediculous since I have requested many things in the past. I then went to another health food store and got the exact same response. I am going to have to find an online source if I want to try this cheese anytime soon. I have told a few people about this "cheese" here in Colorado and they are all very excited at the prospect of having "cheese" again. does it taste? How is the texture? Everyone here wants to know. Thanks for passing this info along. I love the internet!!!
hermione9001 said…
I found this cheese recently and tried it on some tapioca bread. I actually got it to melt! I ran up to my mom and showed her, we're both so excited I've finally found cheese that is safe for me to eat and that is something I will eat.
Trish said…
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jim said…
I sense that this cheese is difficult to find. Even at my Whole Foods store, they had two types of Galaxy sliced cheese - this kind and the other, that has casein.

And, it will melt. I make grilled cheese sandwiches -- "grill" in a pan with a drop or two of oil to get the tapioca (EnerG) bread toasty (it even will get the "grill marks" on it. But the cheese won't melt for me unless I then take the sandwich and microwave it for 15-20 secs. Then, it's perfect. Also, because the cheese is low salt, I add a few sprinkles of sea salt on the cheese before cooking.
Carolyn said…
I live in Tampa Florida and this cheese is at Abbys in North Tampa. I have not tried it on a grilled cheese sandwich but just had a slice and it tasted awful. Maybe in a grilled sandwich it would change the flavor....
Proudmom said…
I wanted to add to your post about rice cheese. I have been buying it at Sprouts. Me and my kids love it and they also have white american rice cheese as well. It;s the only cheese we eat now. Yay!
Proudmom said…
BTW my picky 4 yr old loves it, he eats it alone and on sandwiches and it melts really good in eggs.

hope this helps.

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