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GFCF Rice Chex

So, hello everyone. I've been lax in posting for a while, but I'm still here. I realize I'm likely very behind on this one, but I didn't find out that General Mills made its Rice Chex cereal gluten-free. I popped in the supermarket today to check. They did. So, if your kids like cereal, this is a great option that you can grab in a bind.

However, I noticed it's priced higher than the Health Valley Rice Crunch Ems I normally buy for my kids.

So, which should I buy?

With health value in mind, I'm sure the Health Valley is better, with no preservatives, etc.

Pricewise, the Health Valley is less expensive and thru my food co-op, I can buy it in cases at a 20% discount.

But, there's also some value in supporting a mainstream company -- General Mills -- that's willing to offer a gluten-free product on my supermarket shelf.


Maybe, I'll buy one of each.