GFCF Rice Chex

So, hello everyone. I've been lax in posting for a while, but I'm still here. I realize I'm likely very behind on this one, but I didn't find out that General Mills made its Rice Chex cereal gluten-free. I popped in the supermarket today to check. They did. So, if your kids like cereal, this is a great option that you can grab in a bind.

However, I noticed it's priced higher than the Health Valley Rice Crunch Ems I normally buy for my kids.

So, which should I buy?

With health value in mind, I'm sure the Health Valley is better, with no preservatives, etc.

Pricewise, the Health Valley is less expensive and thru my food co-op, I can buy it in cases at a 20% discount.

But, there's also some value in supporting a mainstream company -- General Mills -- that's willing to offer a gluten-free product on my supermarket shelf.


Maybe, I'll buy one of each.


Anonymous said…
I just made up a neat recipe for my 6yo daughter and I.

I hope your family enjoys it too.
You can double triple or whatever this recipe.

Steak bits in Italian tomato sauce and rice

1 small packet of stir fry beef strips at Randall's.

cut beef into ½ inch bits
Marinate in plate on counter top 30 min
(at an incline, by putting a small plate upside-down
under the large plate to drain juice off meat)

2 garlic cloves- minced
and a tiny dash of nutmeg
Red Diamond Ancient Sea Salt
Whole Foods GF fresh cracked ½ grains of paradise ½ black peppercorn medley (make yourself)

the juice of 1 small lime

Tomatoes and Marinade
I can Hunts whole tomatoes
Put into a bowl,
Cut up tomatoes into strips with clean kitchen scissors
Or a fork and knife
then add Whole Foods GF Dried minced garlic, minced onion,
basil, oregano, rosemary and parsley, set aside.

In a medium saucepan on medium high,
Saute’ steak
in ½ tsp Star extra virgin olive oil
(do not fuss with meat),
drop Steak in and let it scorch, then toss briefly
till just browned and juicy.
Then, add your marinated whole tomatoes
1 cup GF Pacific beef broth
½ cup brown white and wild rice medley by Rice Select

Bring to simmer, then cover and cook 25 min.

-Mrs Cravey
Jeff and Kristy said…
We just found out that our 4 yr old daughter is autistic and so we just started the gf/cf diet. I am already out of meal idea's so I am thankful I ran across your site. Where do you get all your ingredients? This can definately be overwhelming, but definately worth it. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said…
Brown Rice Special
Central Market(H-E-B)brown rice or other GF brown rice
1 clove garlic - freshly minced
Whole foods brand-
Dried Garlic and onion rosemary and parsley
Fresh cracked black pepper
Pacific Chicken Broth or other GF broth
Dash of GF Tamari (soy sauce alternative)
Bring everything to a boil but the rice,
Add rice and cook on low 35-40 min let sit 5 min.

add canned H-E-B chicken
Hormel Natural lunchmeat
or a fresh cooked meat
and some microwaved
peas or broccoli
and you have a yummy meal!

Add ¼ cup extra broth than it calls for tender rice.

Use your imagination!
You can add finely chopped vegetables, dried fruit, nuts
and other herbs and spices including turmeric and curry powder
to make the special rice even more special.

Love in Christ,
the Cravey family
Anonymous said…
Your site is amazing. Thank you so much!
Maria said…
be aware of the BHT in most cereals. If you've got to have GFCF, you typically also need to have no chemicals or colorings, and eliminating BHT from my children's diet made all the difference in the world regarding their behavior. Sorry, but Kelloggs has it too. organic ones won't, original Cheerios uses Vit.E instead...

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