Allergy book for kids

As if there aren't enough challenges finding and making foods for your children on a gluten-free, casein-free diet. Toss in a few added food allergies or intolerances and life can be difficult, at the least.

And then, there's trying to explain to your child why he or she cannot eat the same foods that most of the other kids enjoy. Pizza. Ice cream. Grilled cheese. Oreos. Etc.

I'm trying to explain this to my young daughters now. Through a friend, I've found a great book that helps young children understand and accept the food issues they face.

It's called "One of the Gang" and it's authored by Gina Clowes. You can find this on Amazon by clicking here.

If you're having difficulty explaining this to your kids or find they are having a difficult time accepting their issues, this book might help.


Denise said…
I am really in need of this book right now! We're suddenly back into mourning the loss of pizza and grilled cheese and "normal" birthday cake and ice cream. It's hard for the kids and exhausting for us parents. This book sounds great; thanks so much for spreading the word!

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