Spicy spinach

Getting my kids to eat fruits and vegetables is a real chore. I know that many PDD/ADHD kids are fussy with food and it's extremely difficult getting them to try new things. I've had a little success in this area, mostly by setting clear rewards for their attempts at trying new things. I mostly don't make a big deal out of the new food and I hardly ever call it -- at first -- by its real name.

I'll provide this example, since it leads to the very easy recipe that follows. One night recently, I served dinner to my kids, burgers and potatoes, and then I sat down with the same food plus a small pile of cooked spinach. My oldest quickly asked, what is that? Without missing a beat, I said, It's spicy spinach, honey. I kept eating.

A minute later, she said, Can I try some? I gave her a small bite from my fork. She asked for more. Then, I asked if she wanted some on her plate. She did.

I know, this approach doesn't always work. But, it does sometimes.

And, I've learned to use what's given to me as an advantage. My kids love spicy food. So, I make a lot of spicy things. And so, here is my quick recipe for spicy spinach. Feel free to modify.

- 1 package of chopped spinach, frozen
- black pepper
- sea salt
- ground red pepper
- chili powder
- Italian seasoning or oregano

So, I think this is obvious. Boil until cooked through in a pan with a little water. Add the spices and mix. Serve. Try it -- you might be surprised.


friedart said…
Also works well with fresh spinach. I have also tried with adding some tahini (from sesame seeds) and cumin for a middle eastern taste.

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