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Pizza Crust - Allergy Free! (No gluten, dairy, egg or soy)

One of the most common recipe questions I get is about finding good gluten free pizza crust. Now with Dayai cheese in the store, the cheese factor has been resolved for most of us. And, the toppings are so variable that virtually any diet challenge can be met by some mix of veggies and/or meats. And, unless you're dealing with a tomato issue, there's plenty of store-bought and homemade sauce options (if tomato is an issue - try pierogi pizza - I'll be posting that recipe soon).
But, the crust! I've tried some of the store GFCF crusts and I'm not really happy with them. Some just taste horrible - sorry, but they do. And, those that work are horribly expensive. Call me cheap, but $5-$6 is a lot for a smallish crust. I'd much rather make some on my own. 
I've reached a point where I can make a simple, tasty crust - that even I like to eat, and would serve to guests. I'll admit, this has taken years of adapting, tweaking, changing, etc ... but, I'm at …