Corn bread - revised and GFCF

I love when I have leftover stuff in the kitchen. That's when I try to try out variations of some existing recipes. This past weekend, my corn bread recipe was the victim. This was a very simple corn bread that my daughter loves. But, she also gets bored with it after a few days. So, I changed this by swapping the syrup called for in the original recipe with applesauce. You can use any kind, even homemade.

It gives the corn bread a great hint of apple but not too much. Very tasty, and still easy.

I added two tablespoons of applesauce in place of the 1 tbsp of syrup.

Try it out. Experiment with other flavors.


Tori said…
TAG! You're it! I've tagged you to do a "meme." See the rules here:

Elizabeth said…
Yummy. My grocery list for next week just keeps getting longer...

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